early august garden

Our garden continues to amaze us with its resilience and determination to continue growing, despite our best efforts (fertilizer? what's that?). This week is sure to be particularly exciting because all of our tomatoes are just on the verge of being ripe! Actually, we picked our very first two -

We first found these orange cherry tomatoes growing in one of the mulched-over paths in our garden - it's apparently a very hardy variety, left over from whoever had the plot before us. Week by week, more and more little tomato plants appeared, until we'd gathered five volunteer tomato plants and put them in a tiny bed where the bok choi used to be. Time to flip through our seed catalogs and figure out what kind they are - they're really tasty!

These are Jimmy Nardello peppers, which are sweet and supposed to be really good for frying - we started them indoors from seed and have watched them get really huge since planting out, much bigger than the plants we got from the garden center.

Two more fruits, almost ready to be picked! Lemon cucumbers and black krim tomatoes. We decided that next year, if we aren't able to get a bigger garden (ours is only 10x20), we're only going to grow crazy heirloom veggies that would cost a lot of money to buy. Like these two! And like our favorite beans of the summer - Dragon Tongue.

We decided to try training the cucumbers up a trellis and I'm so glad we did - they hardly need any tying up and we've saved so much space without their vines trailing everywhere! We also don't have to worry about pests and diseases so much since everything is up off of the ground. It was really easy - most of them started climbing without any help from us, and those that didn't just require a tie here and there.

We've started some fall plants in our garden - these brussels sprouts were transplanted almost a month ago. We just received about 15 packs of seeds in the mail for fall and winter gardening, so as soon as this heat wave passes, we'll be out planting away!

One of our harvests from last week - we've gotten much more since (I think it's time to freeze or can some beans!).

This week, it's supposed to be over 90F four days, which is super hot for here, so I think we'll be staying away from the garden except to water. We might even sneak away to the coast, where it'll be a lovely 20 degrees cooler. In the meantime, we're still working on new stationery for autumn - updates to come soon!