Studio / Life Divider

Working from home has its challenges - there's no escaping work, even when you're going on a midnight snack run to the kitchen. It can be a bit draining, which is why we

rearranged our living space

to try to have some degree of separation between work and regular life. Just moving our studio equipment all into one area has helped, but one of the best things we did is this simple DIY. We used inexpensive Ikea furniture to make a room divider that doubles as a shelf for the studio, blocking the view of the paper and envelopes while still allowing light through to the studio.

We used


shelves - which are really nice, because you buy all of the pieces separately and can form shelving units in whatever shape you wish - and a pair of white curtains (which might have been


but I can't remember the name). We stapled the curtains around the back of the bookcase - they fit nearly perfectly with just a little bit to roll up at the bottom.

The result is this! From the living room (especially when sitting on the couch), the studio is blocked off from view, and in the studio, we have easy access to all of our supplies and haven't blocked off all of the light from the windows.

Overall, for about $10 (the cost of the curtains - we already had the shelves!), we've made a big improvement to our space.

Also on the list of big improvements : we've rented a storage unit! It's just a small one, but we're quickly outgrowing our space. Now, we'll have room to put our extra supplies (we buy in bulk, which takes up lots of space) as well as some of our household goods that are seasonal. We're thinking of this as one (small) step toward having a studio out of the home - after all, a year ago, Seaborn Press wouldn't have even been able to pay for a storage unit. Hopefully, in not too much longer, it'll support that outside studio - and we'll get a dining room!