Greenhouse Suite Inspirations

Before we get started on any of our wedding suites, we always brainstorm to make sure we have a really specific idea behind the design - because we think that the best designs come from a real, cohesive place. We used to just sit down and write ideas in a notebook, then tuck them away for some distant time in the future. Then Pinterest came along! It's a much easier way to visualize brainstorming sessions - or to show people how we envisioned our designs at the outset. We've set up boards for most of our wedding suites - and for some that haven't even been printed yet. I thought I'd throw together some of the images to post here and show you what we've been thinking up!

This first collection of images is for our

Greenhouse suite

, a traditional but not overly fancy set. All of the above images are what we pictured the wedding ceremony might look like - at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's greenhouse, or in a cute country home covered in flowers, or outdoors under a flowery arbor.

These are some images we had in mind when picturing the reception - champagne cocktails, pretty floral accents on the napkins and cake and glassware, anything with a bit of restrained elegance.

If you'd like to see where all of these images are from and to check out everything else we've pinned, go here -

. From there, you'll also be able to find our other pinboards and repin as you like!

We look forward to doing more "inspiration" posts like this in the future, so stay tuned!