holiday collection #1!

So we're finally done printing our very first holiday collection and we'd thought we'd show it off on the blog! All of these are custom printed to order.

Sherwood Christmas Cards

Banner Christmas Cards, Silver Utility Party Invites

Transatlantic Holiday Cards

Carousel Holiday Cards

((to see all of these and more, just click



It feels funny to be done with holiday stationery more than a month before most holidays begin, but such is the way of retail, I guess! We'll probably still be doing some non-personalized holiday cards in the weeks to come - when we're not busy with wedding stuff, that is. We have a new suite to list sometime this week, so keep an eye out for that (we'll definitely make a post about it when it arrives!).

I hope everyone here in the States is getting ready for Thanksgiving next week - we're thinking of branching out from our usual Tofurky and trying a new brand of fake turkey. Either way, we'll be sure to have some yummy dinner pictures to post next week!