introducing - country blossom

We'd like to introduce one of our favorite wedding suites yet - and the one that's been waiting to be printed for the longest time -

Country Blossom

! Back in February of last year, when we first started designing wedding pieces, I drew the Calendula flowers and we had them engraved into dies. Since then, they've been patiently waiting to be used, while we printed most of the other pieces from that first round of designing. Their day has finally come and we love the result! Originally, this suite was planned to be printed on white paper but we decided to go with the kraft and cream and we're both so glad that we did. It's fresh and lighthearted and perfect for spring!

My personal favorite is the thank you card design - the red accents are printed with old metal rule that we found on eBay sometime last year and they just so happened to fit this design pretty perfectly. Our other kraft invitations are one of our most popular items, so we hope these will be a hit, too. I think the high-quality printing method combined with a slightly rustic paper type is something that interests a lot of people and is unique amongst wedding invites. We'll be using lots of different papers in our coming designs, so stay tuned!