introducing - village green modern

We've been meaning to post this for a while, but then Thanksgiving - and open orders - got in the way. Here it is, in all its glory -

Village Green

. When we went through and redesigned everything about a month ago, we decided that each style would have three distinct versions - traditional, modern, and casual. This one is the modern version of our Village Green style.

(click to see larger)

We used one of our favorite fonts for this suite - Worrell Uncial. We bought it a few months ago from


, which is where we usually turn first for interesting (and inexpensive!) new fonts. It's more than a bit old-fashioned, so it was a fun creative challenge to create a modern wedding suite with it. We're excited to print the traditional and casual versions of this suite as well - but first, we'll be printing one version of each suite, just so we don't have too many of one type. So that means only...twenty or so before we can show the next version of this one? We have our work cut out for us, that's for sure!