thanksgiving weekend (food!)

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend! We took the opportunity to eat lots of delicious food, watch (English) football, and plant the last of our garlic in the garden. We made quite a feast for ourselves, seen above - field roast "holiday roast", roasted garlic mashed potatoes, leek and sourdough stuffing, pickled beets & cranberry sauce. Everything turned out really well, but the stuffing impressed us the most...we'd never made stuffing from scratch before!

Our pre-feast Thanksgiving lunch was a baked potato and Dungeness crab cakes (delicious).

We also made a pumpkin pie in the mini pie pan I got for a birthday gift from my mom. It's only 7" across and made a perfect-sized pie for two people! It gave us 6 slices this size, which is all that we needed.

The day after Thanksgiving, we made these vegetable squares - originally, they were supposed to be for the big feast too, but we had way too much food so we waited. They're puff pastry (made by a local bread company!) filled with carrots, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, shallots, mushrooms and roasted garlic. Probably our favorite of all the dishes we made, it's from Vegetarian Times. It took some work, but it made 8 squares - enough for four meals! Not too bad.

Now it's back to work for us (well, we technically went back to work on Friday) - soon to come: more new wedding suites and a whole boatload of new fonts for future wedding suites. Let the holiday season begin!