ink in tubes!

We were really excited to receive our very first order of

Ink in Tubes

inks this week.

When we started Seaborn Press, we decided to print all of our designs in black ink for a few reasons. One of them was cost - if we only made a few sales a week and had to print them each in separate colors, it would be a lot of added time for us in set up/clean up. More importantly, we also wanted to make sure we weren't overwhelmed with possibility. It's kind of like how, in an intro drawing or painting class, you start by doing gray scale studies. You don't have to worry about whether or not your colors are right - just whether you're representing shapes the way you want to. Same with design - we didn't want to have an endless world of color possibilities available right from the beginning, when we were still figuring out our designs. We designed everything in black and white from the start - which probably made them stronger.

Now, however - we're ready to be overwhelmed! We've settled into our designs and can now introduce some color without focusing only on the color and forgetting the design. At first, we're only going to be doing wedding stationery in color - even though we have a steady stream of sales, we want to be sure our volume is high enough to be able to factor in the additional clean up time without raising prices. Maybe we'll just do colored stationery as "limited edition" pieces that are slightly more expensive. Either way, we're ready to start releasing our colored wedding designs - and there are a lot! So that's exciting news. Of course, first, we have to make it through the remainder of the holiday shopping period!