hello, 2013!

Happy new year, everyone! It's been a while since we've sat down to write at ye olde blog - the holiday rush was more of a rush than we were expecting, to say the least. Now that everything has calmed down a bit, we can get back to posting (and eating regular meals!).

To celebrate the new year, we took a trip out to the coast, to Seaside. We've visited Seaside a few times before and stayed there in July when Jennie's mom and sister were visiting - this time, we stayed at the north end of the beach-long promenade. We were within a few blocks of lots of restaurants and shops - we didn't get in our car once in the three days we were there! It was really nice.

Compared to our trip to the coast

last year

, it was so much warmer! Our hands nearly froze off last year when we forgot to bring gloves, but this year we strolled on the beach in the mornings and didn't even have to zip up our coats!

Now that we've had a bit of a recharge, we're ready for the new year - our second official year of being Seaborn Press - and we have lots of new things on the way! New wedding designs, stationery, the reopening of our non-letterpress shop, and lots more gardening, hiking and general regular life stuff. Here's to 2013!