introducing - wildflowers

Say hello to our newest addition, the Wildflower suite. (You may have seen the preview


.) This one is especially near and dear to my heart - me being Jennie, that is - because I drew the flowers we used on it! Actually, this line was one of our original eight designs from last spring, but it took us nearly a year to print it. In the meantime, we acquired a smaller version of the script font, lots of ink colors, and lots of it's probably a good thing that we waited so long.

For all of our new suites, we've been designing and printing small details cards along with tiny RSVP cards - it seems that many people these days don't need full, traditional RSVP cards when they can direct guests to a website or email address. The tiny cards are nice since they're less formal and less expensive.

We really like how this line turned out - the sketchy quality of the drawings is something we want to use more often. Unsurprisingly, we - as artisans using centuries-old technology - prefer analog to digital. It's a great feeling to see something that you drew by hand come to life many times over in print. In this new letterpress revival, it's fairly difficult to find other printers who mostly work with traditional practices and stay away from the digital side of things. The satisfaction of physically crafting something from raw materials is really important to us - and it's even more fulfilling when we can do it start to finish, like this.

Stay tuned for more wedding updates - we're on a bit of a roll! We have two more lines all finished and listed on Etsy, and another two that are halfway done. Just in time for wedding season, eh?