sneak peek - pietra

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We're in the midst of printing more and more wedding suites, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at the inspiration behind (and the process of printing) one of our soon-to-be-released styles, Pietra. Our inspiration for this suite, like many of our designs, came from a typeface. Two in this case! The one on top of the photo above is called Hadriano, was designed by Goudy, and is modelled after a Roman inscription that he saw in the Louvre. The second font has a million names and releases, but they all were inspired by the handwriting of a 15th century Medici scribe whose name was Sinibaldi, shown above.

We thought two Italian-inspired typefaces - one from the Roman era and one from the Renaissance - were a perfect fit for each other. And so we looked at all things Italian and neo-classical and baroque and came up with Pietra. (Once again, our incredibly inventive naming came into play - Pietra means stone in Italian!) It's going to be printed in two colors - pink and black - and on two papers - cream and pale grey. We're excited to show you when it's finished!

Here are some process photos from when we printed the first half, in pink -

Save the Date

We're finishing the second half later this week and will show you the completed set soon! Until then -