introducing - arbor

Our Arbor suite has arrived! It's casual and modern, bright and cheerful. We love our uncial font - the one that looks like old calligraphy - but when it's used on its own, it can be a little bit...heavy? Old-fashioned? Irish? To cut through those associations, we mixed it up with an extremely modern typeface - Kabel - basically as different a font as there is. We also used various leafy ornaments that we've gathered, to emphasize the Arbor-ness of it all.

With this in mind - modern meets medieval, natural and woodsy - the only place we could have our sample wedding take place was The Cloisters! It was always one of our favorite places in New York, one of the best places to feel like you'd left the city without actually leaving the city. A little piece of medieval Europe (and lots of nature) in modern Manhattan.