crafty wonderland spring 2013

We had a booth at Crafty Wonderland here in Portland last weekend - there was a big turnout! Even though it wasn't a dedicated wedding show, we had a lot of interested people stopping by our booth. It was great to talk to everyone and get some feedback about our work. Walking around the show was inspiring - there were so many vendors selling amazing things!

We brought a case of type to drive home the point that we use metal type instead of plastic and it seemed to work - we got lots of people telling us how they loved that we use metal type, or they used to print with it (or still do!). It was nice to hear that people are interested in the things that make our shop unique!

We had a great time at the show and are thinking about returning for the winter one (right before Christmas). We'll apply for that one with our art and prints in mind, though, not wedding stuff!

Thanks to all that came out to Crafty Wonderland - hope to see you again soon!