the garden - second week of may

Every time we go to the garden, we're amazed at how well everything is doing! We thought we did pretty well for ourselves last year, since it was our first year, but since we started planting before May this year, everything is doing even better. We've also had a lot of warm days and sunshine, which is slightly unusual for this time of year.

Our romaine lettuce is getting huge! We were going to pick one but decided to wait until later this week. We cheated a tiny bit and bought the lettuce as seedlings - tiny seedlings, but still seedlings! The stuff in the background is all grown from seed - our radishes are nearly ready. The escarole is coming up really well, as is the red leaf lettuce.

Snow peas! We're still behind some people in our garden, who obviously planted them in early March, but we're way ahead of where we were last year - we didn't even harvest any until late June last year. The tinier ones on the end are a different variety that we planted a week or two after the taller ones because we ran out of pea seeds!

Our beans are coming up nicely! We told ourselves we weren't going to plant as many as last year because we had


many beans last year...but we might have actually ended up planting more. Last year, we didn't realize how closely they could be planted (4-6") so we spaced them out really far. This year, Matt built a little bean arbor that goes over one of the garden paths, instead of an a-frame like last year. The whole middle of the a-frame was wasted space so this year - no wasted space! We planted the same two types as last year - Kentucky Wonder, a green one, and Purple Podded.

And - our first harvest of the year. Only alliums today! Garlic scapes and chive blossoms - two things I've never eaten in my entire life before. Garlic scapes come out of the top of the garlic plant and curl around before flowering. You're supposed to cut them off to encourage bulb growth, but they taste really good too. Chive blossoms are supposed to make a delicious pink vinegar, so we're going to try that. They also look pretty in a vase!

Last but not least, here's a comparison of where our garden is this year compared to exactly a year ago (last year is on the left) -

We're just a little bit ahead this year!