hiking : eagle creek (& the japanese garden)

Last week, we got to do one of our favorite things - show off our little part of the world to visitors! This time, it was Jennie's mom, and we did all kinds of Oregon-y things that we haven't done in a long time. Mostly, it was just nice to be outside in the perfect early summer weather. Everyone who lives here says it, but it's true - you really can't get a more perfect summer than here.

Eagle Creek Trail

Punchbowl Falls

We hiked Eagle Creek in the morning, after hearing so much about it. We didn't have the energy for the entire 12 mile hike, so we did the first four and turned around at Punchbowl Falls, which was a perfect spot to rest with our feet dangling in the icy creek. There were some exciting cliffs and great views, but nothing too vertigo-inducing!

from Panorama Point

After our hike, we stopped in at Full Sail to refuel on yummy food and beer - and then went up to Panorama Point to see if it was a good view (last time we went, it was completely cloudy). If only we lived in Hood River and could stop by here every day! I think no matter how long we live here, we'll never get over seeing Mt. Hood.

When we got back to Portland, we stopped by the Japanese Garden to see the current Noguchi exhibit. It and the garden were spectacular - because of the late time of day, there were hardly any other visitors. A perfect start to our stay-cation!