new & upcoming (in metal)

We've been so busy lately - coming up with our schedule of releases for the rest of 2013 and beyond, trying out a new daily work schedule, working our way down the list of designed wedding suites to print - that we haven't had time to post about any of our new pieces. That and it's been raining for the past week, so we haven't been able to photograph them due to the lack of light anyway.

In lieu of all that, here are some photos of pieces we've been working on lately - in metal!

We've been trying to photograph our locked-up type more often because we think it's an easy way to show people how we do what we do. A lot of people who order from us (or just check us out) don't really know what letterpress is - which makes sense, since it's not as common as it once was. Trying to explain the difference between digital, plastic letterpress printing and our method can get confusing. Photos make it much more clear! We want to have one photo per item page that shows it in metal, just to drive the point home.

Hopefully, the sun will peek its head out soon (even if we're enjoying this mild spring weather) and we'll have new product photos to show you soon!