new stuff sneak peek

First we had a week of rain, then we had a week of 90˚+ weather when we had to keep the blinds down all day - needless to say, we still haven't done any photo sessions of our new stuff! So here's another peek at what we've done recently - courtesy of



1. details card for our new Forum wedding suite

2. thank you card for our Mesa stationery line

3. flat thank you card for our Academy stationery line

4. another upcoming wedding suite in progress

It's finally neither super hot nor rainy, so hopefully this weekend we can actually get some of these things up on our website! We're trying to decide which wedding suite we're going to print to close out the week - an old-fashioned storybook theme, a silent film theme , or a classic twist on our most popular modern style. We'll take some preview pictures to update you all!

A happy 4th to all of our American readers!