Lolly the Trolley

Ever since I was little, I remember seeing Lolly the Trolley cars around Cleveland - old-timey red cars merrily going up and down the streets. I always wondered where they went - and I finally got to find out when we took a tour of Cleveland with my dad! It might sound silly to do a tour of a city where you've lived, but we'd done it before and it's actually really fun! We did a double-decker bus tour of New York a few years ago and we learned all kinds of stuff that we didn't know. It's also just a nice way to see a place without having to worry about where you're going. There were lots of things I didn't know about Cleveland (and things even my dad, a Cleveland native, didn't know!).

It was hard for me to appreciate growing up, but Cleveland used to be a really important place - and because of it, there's all kinds of interesting history, amazing architecture, and other things that I would have expected in places like New York but not Cleveland. It was really fascinating to hear about the history of industry - steel, ships, railroads, cars - and its downfall and the city's current resurgence. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon - maybe next time someone visits, we'll have to do a tour of Portland (by trolley or boat!).