Off to Cleveland

So - the second half of July and first week of August consisted of looking at lots of type, all day long. But we had a wedding to attend! Our saga of the new type cabinet was completed and all our open orders packed up right before we left (literally - we dropped everything at the post office at 10pm the night before we headed to Cleveland for a week). It was my cousin's wedding, but it was also the first time we'd visited Ohio since we left New York!

We said goodbye to Beasties -


scratched him in the eye three days before our flight (it couldn't have been sweet Finny!) so he had to wear an embarrassing collar, stay locked on the porch, get terrible eye drops, and be boarded at the vet while we were gone -

- and we were off! The flight to Cleveland was so pretty - we took off at 6:30am and seeing Mount Hood at sunrise was the perfect start to our trip. Here's a brief overview of all the fun things we did -

Grilling, Maggie the dog, delicious food, baseball, kayaking, touring Cleveland, and (of course, most importantly) visiting the family!

(More to come)