Sign Painters (the film)

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.

On Friday, we were lucky enough to see

Sign Painters

, a fantastic documentary about the craft of sign painting. It was a rare instance where we knew about a film before it even premiered, thanks to AIGA Portland. When we found out that it was showing in Portland - and that it was being sponsored, as a part of TypeCon, and thus


- we knew we had to go.

It's nearing the end of its tour, but if you have the chance to see it - go! It features so many interesting people, who (like the directors said at the Q&A after the film) could have documentaries made about them alone. It hit so close to home for us because the paths of the sign painting industry and the letterpress printing industry are so similar. From huge industries to near death (thanks to not only technology but also changing cultural values) to recent new beginnings and potential rebirth.

To hear so many people eloquently express why handcrafted work matters - things that we've tried to convey about our work but haven't done nearly as good a job as them - was really moving and inspiring. It's due to be released on DVD and to download later this year, so if it's not coming to your town, you can still see it!

Highly, highly recommended.