Last week was a full moon - a special full moon! We went to the Portland Japanese Garden's otsukimi festival. Otsukimi means "moonviewing" in Japanese (o = honorific, tsuki = moon, mi = viewing); it's a festival celebrated around the harvest moon. We like any sort of nature festivals - hanami, autumn leaf watching, meteor showers (unless it's cloudy, sigh!) - so we decided we had to go. We bought our tickets and showed up at 6:30pm, not sure what to expect.

...It was such a nice night! Our tickets came with little stubs attached for sushi, rice, beer, sake, and dessert. We watched the moon rise over Mount Hood, walked around the garden in the twilight, ate delicious food, and took another walk when it was completely dark. Well, not completely dark - the harvest moon is really bright! Once our eyes adjusted, it hardly seemed dark at all.

We love the garden during the day, but in the moonlight it seemed extra special. Still, you get a pretty nice view of Portland from up in the surrounding park any night of the year, so we might have to venture up there more often after dark!