Meet Boathouse!


After a month of not really printing anything new because of Matt's leg injury (a long story, but he's all better now), we've started working on new wedding designs again! This is our newest, and it's called Boathouse. It features a lovely typeface designed in the 1950s by one of the most prolific type designers ever (Hermann Zapf - you probably have many of his fonts on your computer). We picked envelope colors that would warm it up, since we didn't want the modern design to get too sterile. The orange envelopes match the save the dates, and the pale yellow and kraft go with the wedding suite. 


We love how it turned out! The nice thing about how we work is that our pieces always look better than they did on the computer. Partially because many of the fonts we use were never digitized, so we have to use weird, similar fonts that don't look as nice. Partially because, for us, digital typesetting is a lot hard to get perfect than traditional typesetting. Partially because seeing something on paper will always look better than on a harsh computer screen. Whatever the case, we love our Boathouse - it's the direction we're taking the shop, and we couldn't be happier!

PS. Here's the actual boathouse in question, from one of our walks through Prospect Park: