Newport - Paper & Metal

Here in Portland, the grass is bright green, flowers are everywhere, and the trees are full of leaves - spring has definitely sprung, and summer isn't too far away. It might be raining endlessly today, but summer in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most perfect summers there is. Hot but not humid, never a drop of rain, and lots of bright sunshine. Only an hour from the ocean, or half an hour from the beaches on Sauvie Island on the Columbia, we wanted to make a nautically-inspired wedding suite. It's called Newport! Named after a great town on the Oregon coast.

So far, we've printed just the save the date - the invitation set will feature suitably bright yellow envelopes. Here it is, in metal and paper! 

Read all about it here!

type madness


We recently printed a wordy custom piece for a wedding and loved how it turned out...but also loved how it looked before it was printed! It's really satisfying to see your handiwork come together in a big block of metal type. And - although at first, it might seem terrible or boring or just mindless work - breaking pieces back down and putting type away is really meditative (and a bit cathartic, especially if it was hard to set in the first place!). 


Pretty, huh? 

Oh, and by the way - welcome to our new blog! We've moved it from our Blogger blog so that everything is on one website - it's just easier that way. We kept all of the old posts, though, so nothing's been lost in the transfer. You can bookmark this page here (or add it to your blog reader).  Thanks for coming along!

Photo Shoot Time

A preview of what's to come - new photos of all our products! We decided to bite the bullet and just go with white backgrounds, like basically every retail site ever. Even though we've only done a few test shots so far, it's already so much easier to shoot & edit than anything we've done before. The less time we have to spend on photography, the more time we can spend actually creating! We're really excited about that.