Busy Bees


We've been super busy with holiday orders for the past month and a half, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel - our official pre-Christmas order cut-off date at the end of the week! After we can finally come up for air, we're itching to show you all the new stuff we've been working on (like a complete overhaul of our wedding collection) and all the other things we've been up to. 

Hope that your holiday season has been as cheerful (but less hectic) as ours so far!


Hello Again!

We're still here! We might not have posted for over a month, but we haven't forgotten about you, readers. Hope everyone's summer has been as fun and productive as ours has!

Right after we last left you, in the middle of July, we started on a huge undertaking. July is a really slow month of the year - for retail in general, and especially for us. We thought it was the perfect time to start a big project. We got a new type cabinet!

We were put in touch with a retiring local printer, Doug, through a local Portland man who sold us our original type cabinet, right after we moved here. Doug had a studio up on the slopes of Mount Hood, so we rented a van on a nice Saturday morning and drove up into the forest. The studio was small but had so much stuff perfectly packed in - including a beautiful press that was, unfortunately, already spoken for! We chatted with him for a while about printing life and Portland - it's always nice to meet other printers, especially experienced people who can pass down a bit of their printerly wisdom (and humor) and to us. After saying goodbye to him and Rhododendron and wishing that we had a cute Alpine a-frame in the forest, we headed back to Portland.

One thing I haven't mentioned, which is what made this a


is that the type cabinet wasn't empty when we got it. It was full of metal type - 24 drawers full of metal type. Type is heavy. Lots of those drawers had two or more fonts in the drawer. To put it in perspective, one typical font weighs about 5-8 pounds. The total weight of all these fonts was probably somewhere around 300 pounds. Not to mention the cabinet, also made of metal! Oh, and a slab of granite to sit on top of the cabinet (currently at the storage unit - we didn't even want to imagine trying to get it up the stairs). Needless to say, we were pretty tired by the time we got everything carried up to our apartment.

We decided that we couldn't possibly keep all the fonts that came in the drawers - we already have something like 75 fonts, and not enough space for all of them (which is why we originally wanted to get another type cabinet). We sold some on eBay, where we have gotten many fonts in the past - there are lots of fellow printers out there who aren't as lucky as we were to get a whole cabinet full of type! Each font that we sold was carefully packed in alphabetical order, letter by letter, line by line (about one hour per font). But we also kept a lot of them - everything we could. We're so excited about the new fonts we got - when we drove away in the van, we couldn't believe all the amazing things we got - modern, ornate, and everything in between. We'll show photos of everything in another post! Oh - and before I forget -

Our wonderful new type cabinet! It's half the size of our

old one

, but holds the same number of fonts - now we just need to find another one to replace the old one and everything will be perfect. (But hopefully that one is empty - three weeks of type moving, selling, replacing, cataloging, and organizing isn't something we can handle more than once a


lifetime :)

crafty wonderland spring 2013

We had a booth at Crafty Wonderland here in Portland last weekend - there was a big turnout! Even though it wasn't a dedicated wedding show, we had a lot of interested people stopping by our booth. It was great to talk to everyone and get some feedback about our work. Walking around the show was inspiring - there were so many vendors selling amazing things!

We brought a case of type to drive home the point that we use metal type instead of plastic and it seemed to work - we got lots of people telling us how they loved that we use metal type, or they used to print with it (or still do!). It was nice to hear that people are interested in the things that make our shop unique!

We had a great time at the show and are thinking about returning for the winter one (right before Christmas). We'll apply for that one with our art and prints in mind, though, not wedding stuff!

Thanks to all that came out to Crafty Wonderland - hope to see you again soon!

hello, 2013!

Happy new year, everyone! It's been a while since we've sat down to write at ye olde blog - the holiday rush was more of a rush than we were expecting, to say the least. Now that everything has calmed down a bit, we can get back to posting (and eating regular meals!).

To celebrate the new year, we took a trip out to the coast, to Seaside. We've visited Seaside a few times before and stayed there in July when Jennie's mom and sister were visiting - this time, we stayed at the north end of the beach-long promenade. We were within a few blocks of lots of restaurants and shops - we didn't get in our car once in the three days we were there! It was really nice.

Compared to our trip to the coast

last year

, it was so much warmer! Our hands nearly froze off last year when we forgot to bring gloves, but this year we strolled on the beach in the mornings and didn't even have to zip up our coats!

Now that we've had a bit of a recharge, we're ready for the new year - our second official year of being Seaborn Press - and we have lots of new things on the way! New wedding designs, stationery, the reopening of our non-letterpress shop, and lots more gardening, hiking and general regular life stuff. Here's to 2013!