Holiday 2015

After taking just a bit of a blog break, we're back! And so is our holiday stationery - all of our best sellers are back, along with a few additions to the pack. Many of our most popular pieces are our most modern, so we focused on adding a few more simple holiday cards to the collection.

With new additions to our Editor, Utility, and Letterkast lines, we're glad to offer holiday card choices in our most popular stationery collections. Special thanks to Matt's dad Joel for building us the amazing wood background for these photos! He built it out of weathered pallet wood, which he works with a lot. We're helping him set up an Etsy shop in the coming weeks for his pallet creations! 

Evolving Products

We've noticed that, over the years, once we've finished something, it tends to stay finished. We photograph it, put it up on the website, and print it when it's ordered. As far as we're concerned, our job is done. We're not bad at editing - if something doesn't sell, we'll remove it and replace it with something new - but we're not very good at evolving. Evolving is harder, because it means revisiting pieces you've come to accept as standard. I think both editing and evolving are important for any creative pursuits, and ours is no different.

In the spirit of evolution, we've finally started reprinting one of our most popular stationery lines. It was also one of the first we designed and printed, so it's over two years old. We haven't really liked it for a while now - because it's not our personal taste, because it's not in the direction we want to take our shop, and because (for various reasons), it's a huge pain to print! 

So say goodbye to the old Academy line and hello to its updated look - more modern, less dainty, more Seaborn Press. Let us know what you think!


Holiday Greetings

We've gotten into the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual this year, since we started printing our custom greeting cards a few weeks back. It doesn't bother us much, though - warm apple cider (or wine!), dressing cozily to match the cooler weather, and humming Christmas tunes under our breath.

Here's a selection of the new holiday cards you can find in our shop - we expanded upon some of our popular styles from last year and printed a whole lot of new ones as well. Tell us what you think!

Our Dingbat Christmas Tree card - pieced together from lots of tiny metal dingbats we've collected over the years. A little bit lopsided, but isn't that how all the best Christmas trees are?

Click the image to head over to the listing! 

Late Summer Stationery Roundup

A quick roundup of the newest stationery pieces we've printed - - -

Forum Calling Cards

Ponte Petit & Ponte Calling Card, part of our Rialto line

Palazzo Calling Card & Editor Thank You Cards, reprinted on recycled paper

We're just getting back into the swing of things after the super busy July & August we had - with all of the new fonts we have, a huge update was due to our stationery designs. We've nearly completed that work and tomorrow are starting to print the first of many new lines - it's called Premiere and it's unlike anything we've done yet! Updates soon to follow.

april stationery

You might think that the only things we print are wedding invitations, based on what we've been posting lately. We've neglected our stationery for a while on this blog - but the majority of our orders are for personal stationery! Here's what we've been working on lately - - -

(clockwise) Downtown Calling Card, Mesa Flat, Premiere Calling Card, Sherwood Flat

Exeter Flat, Express Business Card, Marais Flat, Sherwood Business Card

All of these are currently available in our

Etsy shop

- and you'll soon be able to find them on our exciting new website set to launch in the next few weeks!