Newport - Paper & Metal

Here in Portland, the grass is bright green, flowers are everywhere, and the trees are full of leaves - spring has definitely sprung, and summer isn't too far away. It might be raining endlessly today, but summer in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most perfect summers there is. Hot but not humid, never a drop of rain, and lots of bright sunshine. Only an hour from the ocean, or half an hour from the beaches on Sauvie Island on the Columbia, we wanted to make a nautically-inspired wedding suite. It's called Newport! Named after a great town on the Oregon coast.

So far, we've printed just the save the date - the invitation set will feature suitably bright yellow envelopes. Here it is, in metal and paper! 

Read all about it here!

Meet Boathouse!


After a month of not really printing anything new because of Matt's leg injury (a long story, but he's all better now), we've started working on new wedding designs again! This is our newest, and it's called Boathouse. It features a lovely typeface designed in the 1950s by one of the most prolific type designers ever (Hermann Zapf - you probably have many of his fonts on your computer). We picked envelope colors that would warm it up, since we didn't want the modern design to get too sterile. The orange envelopes match the save the dates, and the pale yellow and kraft go with the wedding suite. 


We love how it turned out! The nice thing about how we work is that our pieces always look better than they did on the computer. Partially because many of the fonts we use were never digitized, so we have to use weird, similar fonts that don't look as nice. Partially because, for us, digital typesetting is a lot hard to get perfect than traditional typesetting. Partially because seeing something on paper will always look better than on a harsh computer screen. Whatever the case, we love our Boathouse - it's the direction we're taking the shop, and we couldn't be happier!

PS. Here's the actual boathouse in question, from one of our walks through Prospect Park:


Introducing - Vista

One of our favorite typefaces + vintage woodsy colors + a wedding set at Timberline = Vista!

We know, we know - you can't just full justify everything and call it a day. But this one just looks so


full-justified. Even if it does take one million years to set, it's worth it - right? This suite was inspired by Timberline - the colors, the mid-century modern typeface, and the location.

As any small business owner does, we're constantly learning how to run a business. One of the things we've learned over the past two years is

narrow your target market

- ie, find a niche. We thought that our niche was letterpress printing - after all, not that many people do it anymore. Then we decided that we should get more specific - letterpress printing with metal type, something hardly anyone does anymore (at least commercially). That's still not specific enough! That's why we've decided to take our shop in a new direction - well, really to keep it going in one direction while


keeping it going in another direction.

So now, we're calling what we do "modern letterpress printing (with handset metal type)". Really, we always were, for the most part. We like modern design and typography, our modern styles are the most popular, and many printers don't do much in the way of modern pieces. The only thing about our shop that's changing is that we're axing some of our less modern designs - some of our favorites, in fact. But it's okay! They aren't being thrown into the incinerator, never to be seen again.

They're going - - - - - somewhere new! Somewhere that we'll tell you about soon! Just know that if you like flowers, hand-drawn illustrations, and all that good stuff, don't worry - you'll see all of that again soon. In the meantime, modern, modern, and modern!

introducing - forum

Say hello to Forum, our newest wedding suite! Inspired by Italian design - from ancient Roman stone carving to modern, minimalist chic - we're pretty fond of this new addition to our little wedding family. Printed on Italian-made stone grey cotton paper and US-made white cotton and off-white butcher, the colors remind us of marble statues and grand architecture.

As with any typographic design, this one owes a lot to our choice of typeface - in this case, we used one called (wait for it...) Forum! It was designed by Frederick Goudy in 1911, inspired by carvings in the Roman forum. It's one of our favorite fonts that we own - the letters are just so elegant without being too


. Kind of like this wedding suite! Here are some photos of the other pieces - we decided to go modern, to balance out the (ancient!) lettering style.

We say this every time, but this is one of our favorite suites! It's problematic, because every time we finish a new suite, we love it and start second-guessing all of our super old designs. I suppose it's not a problem to be continually re-evaluating and improving, though! We have another new suite to show you this week, so stay tuned! Until then -