Evolving Products

We've noticed that, over the years, once we've finished something, it tends to stay finished. We photograph it, put it up on the website, and print it when it's ordered. As far as we're concerned, our job is done. We're not bad at editing - if something doesn't sell, we'll remove it and replace it with something new - but we're not very good at evolving. Evolving is harder, because it means revisiting pieces you've come to accept as standard. I think both editing and evolving are important for any creative pursuits, and ours is no different.

In the spirit of evolution, we've finally started reprinting one of our most popular stationery lines. It was also one of the first we designed and printed, so it's over two years old. We haven't really liked it for a while now - because it's not our personal taste, because it's not in the direction we want to take our shop, and because (for various reasons), it's a huge pain to print! 

So say goodbye to the old Academy line and hello to its updated look - more modern, less dainty, more Seaborn Press. Let us know what you think!