a trip to timberline!

So - I guess we should post the rest of the images from our June trip before it's not even summer anymore! After our

drive out to the coast

, we went the same distance east and climbed up into the mountains - until we got to the biggest one, Mt Hood! First, we stopped at a short trail that followed part of the Oregon Trail. The rocky area you see above is the place where wagons were lowered down on ropes. We were lucky to visit during the beginning of the rhododendrons blooming, they were everywhere and it was so pretty.

Next stop was Timberline Lodge, a place we'd wanted to visit since before we even moved here. Built in the 1930s by the WPA, with locally sourced stone and lumber. We walked through the building and couldn't stop marvelling at the craftsmanship throughout. Even the littlest details had lots of care put into them - there was just a special feel about it. When you step out onto the front balcony, you really do feel like you're on top of the whole world - everything is spread out before you and you can see the mountains and forest for miles and miles. It definitely won't be our only visit!