business card mania

Here's a preview shot of some of our new business cards! This is just a small sampling of all the new designs we've been printing - by the time we're finished, we'll have more than doubled the number of designs we have.

We've also passed the 200 sales mark on Etsy! We're pretty happy with the way our first nine months on Etsy have gone. We've definitely grown a lot as a business - and we have our wonderful customers to thank. We'll definitely be doing something special to celebrate 200 with our customers - we just have to figure out what!

Watercolor Business Cards & Even More Weddings

Well, our endless wedding designing continues - we're currently deciding on our paper choices and making our PDFs look perfect (as seen above). We'll probably be finished with the final draft of the first set of designs tomorrow, which is exciting. We've calculated the cost to order paper and supplies to do the sample prints - let's just say paper isn't cheap! We'll be selling sample prints on Etsy so people can buy them to see if they like them before throwing down a huge amount of money on a whole order.

In the meanwhile, we've been coming up with more business card designs! We're trying to continue creating new content even while designing all of the wedding stuff that won't be up and listed for a few weeks. It's a fun time crunch, since we have custom orders to fill as well! Of course, you'll never hear us complain about being busy! Just unorganized. We got a nice dry erase calendar that makes everything a lot more clear.

One of the ideas we've been meaning to try out for a while is combining watercolor and letterpress. I played around with some on these business cards to get some ideas that are easily reproducible.

We're going to offer some version of this - light watercolor across half of the card. I think it looks nice with this design but would also look really good with our "mid century" (Futura) cards.

Some of the tests along with our new design (which we have available for sale sans paint)

I like this one a lot. It's not watercolor - it's gouache. Gouache (pronounced gwaash) is kind of like an opaque watercolor. There are lots of super bright colors which would look nice on business cards! The only problem is that you have to paint it before they're printed because it's too opaque to do afterward like watercolor.

We're also going to do watercolor wedding invites, journal covers, and stationery. I'm excited - it looks so nice and has a really unique feel to it since each one is different.

Anyway, that's it for now - we're doing more business cards tomorrow and then we have a whole lot of scheduling to do on our new calendar.

Nametag Style Calling Cards

Here's our

new set

of calling cards, soon to be printed in many different colors!

As you can tell, we're a little obsessed with that big script font - it's just so perfect for so many situations! (And we might even be close to resolving that "n" problem that some of you may know about...) These are a less formal, more modern take on business cards.

This is the

second part

of the set; a fill in the blank version. Kind of like name tags! We got the idea for this after a customer requested business cards with just a name on them so that she could decide what personal information to share with each person she meets. I like that idea - not everyone wants or needs to give out their website to the same people who might need their phone number or email. These are perfect for those situations!

Here's a quick glance at another set of business cards we have up for sale now -

Do you like our pretend media relations employee, Tom?

These cards

are a little more traditional, with lots of text and info on them. But still with a nice color, if you wish!

Anyway, that's all for now - we've got custom orders to print and wedding stationery to put the finishing touches on!

New Letterpress Calling Cards

These days, it seems as though more and more people are foregoing business cards and instead getting personal calling cards reminiscent of the Victorian era, when such cards consisted solely of a person's name. Putting personal rather than corporate information on a contact card makes sense, as freelance and temporary work grows more common and people are less tied to one company. Calling cards are also nice for exchanging contact information if you're meeting in a casual atmosphere. They're also good for students or younger people who don't necessarily have an "occupation" yet!

Here's a quick lesson on calling card history, courtesy of Wikipedia:

"Visiting cards became an indispensable tool of etiquette, with sophisticated rules governing their use. The essential convention was that one person would not expect to see another person in her own home (unless invited or introduced) without first leaving his visiting card for the person at her home. Upon leaving the card, he would not expect to be admitted at first, but might receive a card at his own home in response. This would serve as a signal that a personal visit and meeting at home would not be unwelcome."

Those Victorians and their crazy social conventions! Luckily, exchanging cards these days is a lot more relaxed. We printed five sets of calling cards to match our personalized stationery sets...creating social stationery suites! Very exciting. We're going to do more "traditional" business cards in the future, aimed at those who prefer more occupation-related details, as well as some new designs for calling cards. We just listed these on Etsy earlier today and there's been a lot of interest already, so the calling card appears to be alive and well!

Until next time-