introducing - cottage

Slowly but surely, we're printing all of our new wedding designs! This one is called Cottage and it's the second in our Greenhouse line - the

original design

is one of our more popular styles. When we came up with all of our new designs, we decided to do collections of designs - using similar fonts, ornaments, papers, to create a unified feel between different designs. In each line, we designed three suites: one traditional suite, one modern suite, and one casual suite. It was fun to put our aesthetic brains to the test - it isn't the easiest to come up with a "modern" uncial design! (But we think we did a

pretty good job

.) The original Greenhouse was definitely traditional - this one, Cottage, is the casual one in the series. The modern one is yet to be printed, but I think it's one of my favorites of all the designs we have, so hopefully we'll get to that one soon!

We printed this style on recycled, speckled paper from French Paper - one of the paper suppliers we use all the time and love. They've been making paper in Michigan for over 100 years! We used the same laurel ornaments as on the original Greenhouse suite and a new font that we got late last year for the headers. It reminds me of decorative ironwork or something like that - I think it suits the "garden" feel perfectly!

Here's the RSVP & Save the Date - this suite turned out just like we imagined - much better than the digital version we made. The problem with designing things on the computer is that they always look terrible compared to the final thing - there just aren't any good digital copies of most of the fonts we have! Of course, it's never disappointing to have something turn out better than expected!

We've printed half of another suite that we'll finish next week - it's the first style from its collection, so we're excited to share it. It uses one of our favorite fonts of all time and a brand new ink color. Stay tuned!