introducing - editor

This is our brand new Editor suite - the first of three sets that we've designed using our typewriter font. This one is ultra-modern, simple, and classic. Although we tend to gravitate toward minimalism in a lot of our designs, this is definitely the cleanest of them all. Inspired by the look of typed poetry and artist statements, it's formal and informal, modern and retro at the same time.

Unlike some of our designs that have been percolating for months before we print them, we designed this suite and printed it right away - we were too excited about it to hold off! We think it's important to return to designs over time, so that we can look at them with new eyes and make sure that they're exactly how we want them. Editing is a very important part of our design process. With this one, we knew right from the beginning that it was perfect as it was - something that rarely happens.

We've also started a Pinterest board to highlight our inspirations for this suite - and ideas for a wedding that uses it -


. We'll make another post here later in the week as well!

our editor line

Our expanding stationery lines are all very much underway, but in the spirit of working at an even pace, we haven't finished any since we still need to get others up to speed. Any except this one, which is called Editor!

We started out with a lone business card a few months ago, printed with a typewriter font that we got on Ebay. Now, we have three business cards, five stationery sets, and a custom thank you card set. Since we released the business cards back in the spring, they've been one of our most popular designs - they're one of my favorite, as well!

Whenever we design a line, we have an imaginary person in mind who uses it. It's always interesting to see how that imaginary person compares to our actual customers. We went the obvious route and thought a writer would like these, and we weren't too far off - many writers, photographers, and other creatives have purchased them. Maybe I'll have to print up a set for myself!