introducing - forum

Say hello to Forum, our newest wedding suite! Inspired by Italian design - from ancient Roman stone carving to modern, minimalist chic - we're pretty fond of this new addition to our little wedding family. Printed on Italian-made stone grey cotton paper and US-made white cotton and off-white butcher, the colors remind us of marble statues and grand architecture.

As with any typographic design, this one owes a lot to our choice of typeface - in this case, we used one called (wait for it...) Forum! It was designed by Frederick Goudy in 1911, inspired by carvings in the Roman forum. It's one of our favorite fonts that we own - the letters are just so elegant without being too


. Kind of like this wedding suite! Here are some photos of the other pieces - we decided to go modern, to balance out the (ancient!) lettering style.

We say this every time, but this is one of our favorite suites! It's problematic, because every time we finish a new suite, we love it and start second-guessing all of our super old designs. I suppose it's not a problem to be continually re-evaluating and improving, though! We have another new suite to show you this week, so stay tuned! Until then -