Holiday 2015

After taking just a bit of a blog break, we're back! And so is our holiday stationery - all of our best sellers are back, along with a few additions to the pack. Many of our most popular pieces are our most modern, so we focused on adding a few more simple holiday cards to the collection.

With new additions to our Editor, Utility, and Letterkast lines, we're glad to offer holiday card choices in our most popular stationery collections. Special thanks to Matt's dad Joel for building us the amazing wood background for these photos! He built it out of weathered pallet wood, which he works with a lot. We're helping him set up an Etsy shop in the coming weeks for his pallet creations! 

Holiday Greetings

We've gotten into the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual this year, since we started printing our custom greeting cards a few weeks back. It doesn't bother us much, though - warm apple cider (or wine!), dressing cozily to match the cooler weather, and humming Christmas tunes under our breath.

Here's a selection of the new holiday cards you can find in our shop - we expanded upon some of our popular styles from last year and printed a whole lot of new ones as well. Tell us what you think!

Our Dingbat Christmas Tree card - pieced together from lots of tiny metal dingbats we've collected over the years. A little bit lopsided, but isn't that how all the best Christmas trees are?

Click the image to head over to the listing! 

holiday collection #1!

So we're finally done printing our very first holiday collection and we'd thought we'd show it off on the blog! All of these are custom printed to order.

Sherwood Christmas Cards

Banner Christmas Cards, Silver Utility Party Invites

Transatlantic Holiday Cards

Carousel Holiday Cards

((to see all of these and more, just click



It feels funny to be done with holiday stationery more than a month before most holidays begin, but such is the way of retail, I guess! We'll probably still be doing some non-personalized holiday cards in the weeks to come - when we're not busy with wedding stuff, that is. We have a new suite to list sometime this week, so keep an eye out for that (we'll definitely make a post about it when it arrives!).

I hope everyone here in the States is getting ready for Thanksgiving next week - we're thinking of branching out from our usual Tofurky and trying a new brand of fake turkey. Either way, we'll be sure to have some yummy dinner pictures to post next week!

GQ Valentines Pictures

Not to be too annoying about posting everything we're making


the time (buy! buy! buy!), I just wanted to share two of the rephotographed Valentine Cards...

In our attempt to snare (haha) the Valentines card buyers who don't like frilly things, this set of photos came out looking like it belongs in GQ. I think it's kind of funny, but they do look pretty good, right? I obviously have a future career as a product photographer (just kidding - I would hate it!). The background for the photos is actually part of the press - the part that holds the chase in place when printing. It looks really good up close!


PS. I also redid the frilly cards -

These definitely wouldn't be in GQ!

PPS. It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so maybe we'll actually take our hands off the paper cutter and the metal type and go outside to take some nice photos!