trillium lake

Here are the last (but certainly not the least) of our photos from early June. After we'd visited Timberline, we drove 10 minutes east down US-26 and ended up at Trillium Lake. It's a state park that we'd heard has perfect views of Mt. Hood - and we weren't disappointed! We had a delicious picnic in the woods, did a 2-mile hike around the lake, and couldn't get over the huge mountain in front of us. We saw bald eagles and river otters and huge Doug firs all around. And were less than an hour and a half from our apartment!

three capes drive

The second day of our Oregon vacation, we drove out to see the ocean - through the sunny coast range and Tillamook with all its cows and came to the Three Capes Scenic Loop. We tried to do this drive a year ago, but the road was closed so we only saw one of the capes. This time, all three were open! The drive was gorgeous and freshly paved (except for a few huge potholes which Matt expertly avoided) - most of it was right along the coast, looking over small beachside towns. We stopped at Cape Meares and then Cape Lookout, which we instantly decided needs to be a future camping trip. The last one, Cape Kiwanda, was where we ended our day - with fish fresh from the ocean, beer brewed on the spot, and sand beneath our feet!

rainy stay-cation

Last weekend, one of our good friends from back east came out to visit, so we got to show off a bit of our corner of the world. Even though it rained nearly the whole time she was here (of course - after weeks of sunshine and clear skies!), we weren't daunted.

We set out for Beacon Rock, one of our favorite places to show visitors, but it was closed because a rock had fallen and smashed one of the walkways leading to the top! Luckily, there was another great hike in the forest behind it that we'd never done before. The path wound up through the hills and ended at Rodney Falls - a big waterfall that was even bigger than it probably usually is because of the spring melts. If we didn't have rain gear on, the spray would have soaked us!

We stopped at Multnomah Falls on the same rainy day and were treated to a nearly-empty visit! I'd never seen it with so few people before. Every time we visit, we forget just how close it is to our apartment - probably because everything in the gorge seems like it should be on some other planet or something.

And of course, we spent lots of time hanging out in Portland, too - flowers are in bloom everywhere, so even if it was a bit drizzly, it still felt like spring!

Now, it's back to work for us - we have a craft fair to prepare for (more on that later!) and a whole bunch of new designs to print. And a website to finish up! And and and - - - I guess the list never ends, huh? Luckily, when we have a spare moment not attending to the list, we have what's up above to enjoy.

hoyt arboretum

As part of our shiny new 2013 Schedule™, we've been setting aside time for us to (GASP) actually get out of the studio/apartment and enjoy the beautiful part of planet Earth that we inhabit. A crazy idea, we know - but if we've learned one thing in our first full year since opening, is the importance of balancing Work and Not Work. Plus, there are so many things to do outdoors around here that we have to take advantage of!

Anyway, one of our outings last week took us to

Hoyt Arboretum

, just west of downtown Portland, in Washington Park. You really don't have to go very far around here to find yourself in the midst of some serious Nature. It's amazing how you can be literally minutes from the center of a major city and be completely surrounded by huge trees, seemingly completely on your own. We seem to have this feeling a lot around the city (maybe it's just the New Yorkers in us), but it's definitely the case here. We spent about an hour walking and only saw one or two other people the whole time.

We did a nice loop connecting a few of the park's trails, one of which going down through the collection of magnolias. Obviously we were a little early to see them blooming, but not by much - a few of the trees had pretty big buds on them. Not bad, you know, for the first week of February.

There was a "winter garden" as well, which was great. The winters are beautiful around here since everything is so green - I love seeing the trees covered in moss and lichen.

In other news, today we printed several pieces of two new wedding suites - can't wait to share them! They'll be posted later this week (watch this space). Until then ~