introducing - parlour

It's time for another wedding introduction! We've been doing a lot of these lately - all in a bid to finish our new designs before spring. After all, last year, we didn't list a single wedding suite until the end of April...when wedding-ordering season is, if not over, at least slowing down. This year, we're definitely more prepared!

This suite is called Parlour - it's part of the Engraver line of invites, and it's the first one we've printed! All of them feature variations of one of our favorite fonts, Cochin. I made a little graphic to show you the versions that we have:

Cochin, the "regular" one, is what we used for all the big, all-caps text in this suite. It was designed in the 1910s, supposedly based off of the work of a French engraver from years earlier (see how we came up with our wedding suite names? It all makes sense!). The font on the upper right, Nicholas Cochin, is kind of like the weird uncle of Cochin. This is the font we used for everything else in this suite. It lends a kind of quirky, different air to it without being too out-there. The bottom two fonts aren't used on this suite but are used on the others in the line. We like having groups of fonts like this, since we can mix and match to create all different kinds of looks.

Anyway - enough about fonts, here are the photos!

It was fun to go back to a typographical based design after doing a few with images - we like both styles, so it's nice to have a good mix in our shop. When we started out, we thought customers would be interested in the illustrated suites, but never imagined just how popular the typographical lines would be! We seem to have found a bit of a niche and we couldn't be happier.