sneak peek - pietra

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We're in the midst of printing more and more wedding suites, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at the inspiration behind (and the process of printing) one of our soon-to-be-released styles, Pietra. Our inspiration for this suite, like many of our designs, came from a typeface. Two in this case! The one on top of the photo above is called Hadriano, was designed by Goudy, and is modelled after a Roman inscription that he saw in the Louvre. The second font has a million names and releases, but they all were inspired by the handwriting of a 15th century Medici scribe whose name was Sinibaldi, shown above.

We thought two Italian-inspired typefaces - one from the Roman era and one from the Renaissance - were a perfect fit for each other. And so we looked at all things Italian and neo-classical and baroque and came up with Pietra. (Once again, our incredibly inventive naming came into play - Pietra means stone in Italian!) It's going to be printed in two colors - pink and black - and on two papers - cream and pale grey. We're excited to show you when it's finished!

Here are some process photos from when we printed the first half, in pink -

Save the Date

We're finishing the second half later this week and will show you the completed set soon! Until then -

behind the scenes : wildflower

To give you a taste of our new Wildflower wedding suite, we thought we'd post up a series of behind the scenes photos that show how, exactly, we arrived at the end product. We've always felt that the process is the most important part of our work, and we love checking out how other artists work - so hopefully you'll enjoy this peek as well! Scroll down to see a super-quick step by step story behind this new line.

At just a little over a year in the making, it's certainly not been our quickest conception-to-completed product, but it's one of our favorites. We'd like to try our hand at making more process posts in the future - to celebrate the part of our job that we like so much - hopefully including videos. We just have to figure out how to work the camera in low light, then we'll be set. Until next time --

Printing our Lily of the Valley Invites

Today we printed our seventh (seventh!) wedding suite - over halfway done with our original lineup. I thought I'd show you the steps it takes to get from idea to printed goods -

We decided we wanted to do lily of the valley flowers so I drew some in my sketchbook, trying out different angles and styles. Then we figured out which fonts we thought would look nice with the type of drawings and drew out some rough sketches, blocking in where the text and flowers go. When we finalized it, I made final drawings and we sent them in to have dies made - -

The dies are engraved into magnesium so they're incredibly strong and will hold up to being printed over and over again! They're already type high, so then all we had left to do was print, which we did today!

Here's the response card on the press, in the midst of printing.

...and here's the final result!

If you want to see how they look when photographed nicely, check out the wedding section of our website (the lily of the valley sets aren't up yet since they're actually still on the press this very moment!).

Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone!