Snow Day! (Snow Week)


Last week, we were excited to welcome my mom to Portland for a visit - especially since we thought she'd enjoy the warm temperatures we'd been having, compared to cold, snowy Ohio. The weather gods laughed at our plans and dumped 6 inches of snow and a half inch of ice on us while she was here. The city completely shut down. Everywhere we were meaning to visit was closed...even our snowshoeing adventure had to be cancelled!

So even though we love living in our temperate town, we unpacked all of our old winter clothes from back east and went on long walks every day of the storm. We weren't the only ones to brave the weather! Portlanders are intrepid souls - everyone had their ski gear out and their impromptu sleds at the ready. We decided that next year, we're buying snow chains and taking advantage of the snow more often than a once-every-twenty-years storm. (Even if we were both really happy to have temperatures in the 50s again this week.)

Luckily, my mom was prepared for snowshoeing - and came from even colder temperatures - so her visit was more of a winter wonderland than a snowpocalypse. Lots of tasty PNW beer, freshly baked bread, and Olympics watching. A very cozy week!