sherwood thank you cards

We've finished printing another new set of personalized thank you cards! This one is called Sherwood, and it's a preview of our upcoming line that includes stationery, business cards, and invitations.

For this set, we used a mix of fonts - the larger capitals are called Missal initials and are probably quite old. We got them on Ebay for a super good price. The smaller font (Uncial) is brand new - it's one that was on Matt's wishlist for many months. Together, and especially with the burnt orange and olive green envelopes, they make a great autumn/winter design. A bit old England-y, a bit rustic.

We're excited to get working on the rest of the line - it's already one of our favorites, even though it's currently only an idea (& PDF).

Check out the new Thank You Cards here!

woodland thank you notes

Pretty much everything about our first year of business has been a learning experience - we're constantly adapting as new experiences come our way. This holiday shopping season is navigating new waters for us. We missed it last year and want to be ultra-prepared for this year, just in case. We've shuffled around all of our due dates for new pieces and instead of finishing all 160 pieces (!) of our new stationery first, we're concentrating on the most important things for the upcoming season. We're more than halfway done with all that stationery, anyway!

One of those things is our customized thank you card lines. We've had about eight styles listed for a while now and they've been quite popular - we thought it was time to finally expand! Holidays do generally require a lot of thank you cards, that is. We've started with this Woodland thank you set - it matches our

stationery line


It's one of my favorites - I mostly like how it looks like the bird is saying "thank you"! We have about twelve more sets to release in the next few weeks - meanwhile, we're working on custom holiday invites and reopening our non-letterpress shop. It's a lot of work, but it's much easier to do lots of work when the days are shorter and cooler. We're both even looking forward to (gasp) winter for the first time ever.

If you want to see the whole line, just click here :

Woodland Line

and let us know what you think!