Our Very First Wedding Suite

This post is all about our very first wedding suite - it's pretty exciting news here at House Seaborn! We've worked so long on it and all the other wedding designs to finally bring it to fruition, but here it is, in all its rustic glory:

It's called Trail Head, because it's outdoorsy and woodsy and generally the type of invitation set you might order if you were throwing a wedding at a state park or lake on the property of your family friend. Barbeques, semi-formal wear, cowboy boots, bonfires, and a live bluegrass band fit right in. We both love how it turned out, but I'm especially attached to this one because it's the first time we've printed anything that I drew first. It's a really exciting feeling to have an image you draw - just one, singular image - transferred to a piece of metal that's capable of printing as many things as you want. Not because of the mass production, but because of the tangibility it didn't have when it was just a sketch.

Another interesting part of the process is discovering how, when you work with someone on creative pursuits, you influence each other constantly without even realizing it. I was never incredibly interested in typography - I've always been more into the visual arts and not the applied arts or design. Matt, however, is interested in and really talented at all things related to type design and setting. Thanks to him, I've learned a lot and become much more interested in it - drawing my "stick font" for the headings of these cards was a lot of fun. We've planned on collaborating on an unrelated series of typographical posters when we're finished with all this wedding stuff...if that ever happens!

So that's that! It's our first completed set (right now, we're at three completed, three half completed) and it's been quite a learning experience. What have we learned? No matter how much we'd like to, we can't get everything finished in a day. Or a week. Or a month! Prioritizing is key for situations like this. Wedding stuff brings in lots more views on Etsy than personalized stationery. Pricing wedding invitations requires a very in-depth spreadsheet calculator. And lots more...I'm sure we'll be able to update this list soon. Until then - -