Garfield's Memorial & Chagrin Falls

Another place we stopped on our Grand Tour of Cleveland was Garfield's Memorial. It's a big stone memorial built for the ex-president, who was assassinated not long after taking office. The memorial is quite lavish - lots of artisans must have been employed in building it. I can't imagine how much it must have cost to build - all for a president who was barely even president!

It's located in Lake View Cemetery, where lots of important Clevelanders are buried - John D Rockefeller and people like that. After we left the memorial, we stopped in Wade Chapel, which is also in the cemetery. It's a little chapel built in memorial of Jeptha Wade, who founded Western Union and who donated land that later became the art museum, botanic garden, and museum of natural history. It looks fairly normal from the outside but the inside is pretty incredible - all of it was designed by Tiffany and his studios. The front wall has a huge stained glass window and the walls feature large glass mosaic murals. I'd never been very interested in Tiffany's work before seeing the chapel, but this was different than the lamps that he's usually associated with.

The next day, we headed out to Chagrin Falls, a little town on the Chagrin River that we used to visit when I was little. My grandparents lived not too far away and my dad grew up coming into town all the time. It's a cute place that still retains a lot of its old buildings and charm, even if they


have a Starbucks.

And I think that just about concludes any Cleveland posts from us - it was a great trip, if somewhat of a whirlwind, and we hope to be back soon!

Lolly the Trolley

Ever since I was little, I remember seeing Lolly the Trolley cars around Cleveland - old-timey red cars merrily going up and down the streets. I always wondered where they went - and I finally got to find out when we took a tour of Cleveland with my dad! It might sound silly to do a tour of a city where you've lived, but we'd done it before and it's actually really fun! We did a double-decker bus tour of New York a few years ago and we learned all kinds of stuff that we didn't know. It's also just a nice way to see a place without having to worry about where you're going. There were lots of things I didn't know about Cleveland (and things even my dad, a Cleveland native, didn't know!).

It was hard for me to appreciate growing up, but Cleveland used to be a really important place - and because of it, there's all kinds of interesting history, amazing architecture, and other things that I would have expected in places like New York but not Cleveland. It was really fascinating to hear about the history of industry - steel, ships, railroads, cars - and its downfall and the city's current resurgence. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon - maybe next time someone visits, we'll have to do a tour of Portland (by trolley or boat!).

Off to Cleveland

So - the second half of July and first week of August consisted of looking at lots of type, all day long. But we had a wedding to attend! Our saga of the new type cabinet was completed and all our open orders packed up right before we left (literally - we dropped everything at the post office at 10pm the night before we headed to Cleveland for a week). It was my cousin's wedding, but it was also the first time we'd visited Ohio since we left New York!

We said goodbye to Beasties -


scratched him in the eye three days before our flight (it couldn't have been sweet Finny!) so he had to wear an embarrassing collar, stay locked on the porch, get terrible eye drops, and be boarded at the vet while we were gone -

- and we were off! The flight to Cleveland was so pretty - we took off at 6:30am and seeing Mount Hood at sunrise was the perfect start to our trip. Here's a brief overview of all the fun things we did -

Grilling, Maggie the dog, delicious food, baseball, kayaking, touring Cleveland, and (of course, most importantly) visiting the family!

(More to come)