Introducing - Vista

One of our favorite typefaces + vintage woodsy colors + a wedding set at Timberline = Vista!

We know, we know - you can't just full justify everything and call it a day. But this one just looks so


full-justified. Even if it does take one million years to set, it's worth it - right? This suite was inspired by Timberline - the colors, the mid-century modern typeface, and the location.

As any small business owner does, we're constantly learning how to run a business. One of the things we've learned over the past two years is

narrow your target market

- ie, find a niche. We thought that our niche was letterpress printing - after all, not that many people do it anymore. Then we decided that we should get more specific - letterpress printing with metal type, something hardly anyone does anymore (at least commercially). That's still not specific enough! That's why we've decided to take our shop in a new direction - well, really to keep it going in one direction while


keeping it going in another direction.

So now, we're calling what we do "modern letterpress printing (with handset metal type)". Really, we always were, for the most part. We like modern design and typography, our modern styles are the most popular, and many printers don't do much in the way of modern pieces. The only thing about our shop that's changing is that we're axing some of our less modern designs - some of our favorites, in fact. But it's okay! They aren't being thrown into the incinerator, never to be seen again.

They're going - - - - - somewhere new! Somewhere that we'll tell you about soon! Just know that if you like flowers, hand-drawn illustrations, and all that good stuff, don't worry - you'll see all of that again soon. In the meantime, modern, modern, and modern!