Snow Day! (Snow Week)


Last week, we were excited to welcome my mom to Portland for a visit - especially since we thought she'd enjoy the warm temperatures we'd been having, compared to cold, snowy Ohio. The weather gods laughed at our plans and dumped 6 inches of snow and a half inch of ice on us while she was here. The city completely shut down. Everywhere we were meaning to visit was closed...even our snowshoeing adventure had to be cancelled!

So even though we love living in our temperate town, we unpacked all of our old winter clothes from back east and went on long walks every day of the storm. We weren't the only ones to brave the weather! Portlanders are intrepid souls - everyone had their ski gear out and their impromptu sleds at the ready. We decided that next year, we're buying snow chains and taking advantage of the snow more often than a once-every-twenty-years storm. (Even if we were both really happy to have temperatures in the 50s again this week.)

Luckily, my mom was prepared for snowshoeing - and came from even colder temperatures - so her visit was more of a winter wonderland than a snowpocalypse. Lots of tasty PNW beer, freshly baked bread, and Olympics watching. A very cozy week!


oak's bottom

Spring seems like it's already here in Portland - the landscapers have returned and so have birds, flowers are blooming, and it was in the 60s this week! We went on another walk (I hate to call it a "hike", although technically it is in our hiking book...) at the wildlife refuge about 10 minutes from our apartment - Oak's Bottom. It's a marshy area that's separated from the Willamette River only by a railroad line (and bike path).

The trail was really nice, not at all muddy, and well-maintained. There were tons of people out, even though it was a weekday, and most of them had super cute dogs. We walked back from the trail on the Springwater Corridor, a bike and walking path that goes all the way from Portland to our favorite-named city in Oregon - Boring!

We're looking forward to spring - we went through all of our hiking books and marked lots of trails we want to check out. For now, we're sticking with the ones that say "easy" because even some of the "easy" ones aren't so easy for us! Luckily, there are lots of options nearby - Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, the coast, the gorge...

hoyt arboretum

As part of our shiny new 2013 Schedule™, we've been setting aside time for us to (GASP) actually get out of the studio/apartment and enjoy the beautiful part of planet Earth that we inhabit. A crazy idea, we know - but if we've learned one thing in our first full year since opening, is the importance of balancing Work and Not Work. Plus, there are so many things to do outdoors around here that we have to take advantage of!

Anyway, one of our outings last week took us to

Hoyt Arboretum

, just west of downtown Portland, in Washington Park. You really don't have to go very far around here to find yourself in the midst of some serious Nature. It's amazing how you can be literally minutes from the center of a major city and be completely surrounded by huge trees, seemingly completely on your own. We seem to have this feeling a lot around the city (maybe it's just the New Yorkers in us), but it's definitely the case here. We spent about an hour walking and only saw one or two other people the whole time.

We did a nice loop connecting a few of the park's trails, one of which going down through the collection of magnolias. Obviously we were a little early to see them blooming, but not by much - a few of the trees had pretty big buds on them. Not bad, you know, for the first week of February.

There was a "winter garden" as well, which was great. The winters are beautiful around here since everything is so green - I love seeing the trees covered in moss and lichen.

In other news, today we printed several pieces of two new wedding suites - can't wait to share them! They'll be posted later this week (watch this space). Until then ~

hello, 2013!

Happy new year, everyone! It's been a while since we've sat down to write at ye olde blog - the holiday rush was more of a rush than we were expecting, to say the least. Now that everything has calmed down a bit, we can get back to posting (and eating regular meals!).

To celebrate the new year, we took a trip out to the coast, to Seaside. We've visited Seaside a few times before and stayed there in July when Jennie's mom and sister were visiting - this time, we stayed at the north end of the beach-long promenade. We were within a few blocks of lots of restaurants and shops - we didn't get in our car once in the three days we were there! It was really nice.

Compared to our trip to the coast

last year

, it was so much warmer! Our hands nearly froze off last year when we forgot to bring gloves, but this year we strolled on the beach in the mornings and didn't even have to zip up our coats!

Now that we've had a bit of a recharge, we're ready for the new year - our second official year of being Seaborn Press - and we have lots of new things on the way! New wedding designs, stationery, the reopening of our non-letterpress shop, and lots more gardening, hiking and general regular life stuff. Here's to 2013!

Powell Butte Trip

Sunday was our "day off" after a busy week and we decided to (finally) visit one of the multiple extinct volcanoes within Portland city limits! According to Wikipedia, Portland is one of only two major US cities to have such an honor. The old volcano - or, rather, the butte - is called Powell Butte and it's in the east of Portland, a short drive from our apartment. The bus also goes there!

The butte is a nature park with a nice, 2-mile paved trail for walking and biking and multiple unpaved trails for horse riding, mountain biking, etc. We stayed on the paved trail since we weren't looking for a super long walk. Even though it was warm down at normal Portland ground level, it was a little blustery up at the top of the butte!

There's an orchard at the top that was planted in the late 1800s by some early owners of the land. It was pretty and gnarled - in the summer, you're supposed to be able to still find fruit! Apples, walnuts and pears. There were also lots of wild blackberry bushes everywhere. Even though it was windy (and on all-important Super Bowl day), there were lots of people out! Tons of cute dogs, too.

The grass was so brown which is odd in comparison to the rest of Portland, which may as well be in April right now. Grass just doesn't get brown's actually one of the best things about the mild winter so far!

The best part of the hike - the view! My camera's lens is fairly wide angle so it doesn't seem so great from this picture, but just believe me. From the top of the butte, you can see no fewer than three really huge mountains! Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams. We want to visit Mt. St. Helens sometime soon - it's about as big as Mt. Hood seen from Portland (except missing its top half, of course!).

We've been super busy in the studio otherwise - I'll post some updates in another entry! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!