What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress printing is a type of relief printing, which means a raised surface - in our case, metal type and images - is covered in ink and pressed onto a sheet of paper. This creates a slightly textured surface with crisp printed edges. 

Will my finished piece have a deep impression?

We use lead type and images - like the printers of yore - so we don't print with a deep impression. If we did, our type would be ruined! Lead type is very soft. Some modern printers create extremely deep impressions - this is only practical when using digitally-created plastic plates.


Do you do rush orders?

We're happy to do rush orders, provided our schedule allows for it! We have two levels of rush orders - overnight, or standard rush, which is anything faster than our normal turnaround time. Overnight rush orders have an additional 50% charge and standard rush includes an additional 25%. To place a rush order, please contact us before ordering so we can make sure our schedule allows for your order.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship to any country in the world! For all overseas orders, we ship USPS First Class mail. The estimated delivery time for international orders is 1-6 weeks. We're always happy to upgrade you to a quicker shipping method if you like. All international customers are responsible for customs / VAT / import taxes. Contact your local customs office if you have questions about import tax rates. 

How long is your turnaround?

Our turnaround time varies - it's usually around 10 working days. After you place your order, we'll send you a proof and the amount of time in which you can expect to see your order arrive. If you're curious about our current turnaround time before you order, just send us a message!

How do you get my information for stationery orders?

When you add an item to your cart, you'll be able to fill in all of your customizations right then. Each item is customized separately when you add it to your cart.

I already have a design and artwork - will you print my piece?

Since we aren't a job printing studio, we only print our own designs. However, we'd be happy to work with you to come up with custom pieces that use the fonts and images we have!

Returns & Exchanges

We want you to love your new paper goods, so if there's a problem with your order, please contact us within a week of receiving it so that we can make things better. 

We don't offer refunds on custom-printed items after final proof approval unless we've made an error in typesetting, so please check over your wording carefully when you submit it and check over the proof. If you request a refund before final proof approval, we'll refund 75% of the total purchase.


where do you get your materials?

We are firm supporters of other small, family-owned businesses, especially those who are based in and manufacture in the USA. We also strive to purchase materials and packaging from suppliers who practice ecologically sound manufacturing processes. We think you care about our suppliers, too, so we're happy to share them with you ---

Paper: We purchase much of our paper from French Paper, a family owned business for 140 years, based in Michigan. Their paper mill is hydro-powered and they sell recycled paper made without harmful chemicals. We buy our cotton paper from Crane paper, which is 100% cotton, sourced from apparel industry castoffs (tree free), and produced in the USA. 

Inks: We use traditional inks for our letterpress and relief printing. Traditional inks, often called "oil-based inks", aren't made with petroleum products - they're made with linseed oil, which is made from flax seeds. Our letterpress inks are made by Vanson.

Packaging: We buy US-made packaging products, recycled when at all possible. We're currently working to eliminate all plastic from our packaging.

Printing Materials: We use metal type (both vintage/antique and newly created, from M&H Type, Skyline Type Foundry, The Dale Guild, and others) and ornaments. If the project requires it, we also use engraved metal dies, which are mounted on a wood base.