How We Make It

When it comes to printing, we’re pretty old school - a few hundred years old school. We print the same way that the printers in Germany did way back in the 15th century, like Gutenberg and his famous Bible. We set each word in metal type by hand, letter by letter, then print everything one at a time on our manual press. We work this way both because of the connection to the heritage of our craft and because we love working with our hands. It's a simple equation -

Type + Ink + Paper = Letterpress!

Letterpress printing is unrivaled in its ability to show off the beautiful details in a well-designed typeface. It's the best kind of printing for people who love typography as much as we do. The printing process itself has quirks that we like just as much. Each printed piece has a unique, organic character, and provides a welcome contrast to the digital perfection that surrounds us on a daily basis. We connect our work to the Japanese aesthetic of wabisabi, which espouses imperfection and natural beauty. When you hold one of our printed pieces, you’re reminded that it was crafted slowly, with a pair of human hands. 

Letterpress is more to us than touching a piece of metal to a sheet of paper. It's about a connection to the past and the future. We can use centuries-old crafts traditions to run a business that upholds a strong commitment to low-impact sustainability. We're able to use materials from like-minded companies that are produced by American factories - cotton paper made from garment industry scraps, recycled paper made with hydroelectric power, metal type cast once by expert hands, to be used for a lifetime. We can connect with people all over the world via the technology of the internet while printing with a centuries-old process. We can use ultra-modern fonts designed less than 50 years ago while printing the same way that Gutenberg, or his 11th century Chinese predecessors did. 

It's all about connections - so get in touch!